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Gods of the Bay is a finalist in the Colorado Authors' League Awards.

Colorado Authors League Announces 2021 Writing Awards Finalists

Denver, CO. May 2021 – The Colorado Authors League (CAL) is proud to announce that Jo Fontana for her novel, Gods of the Bay, as a finalist in the 2021 CAL Writing Awards. The Awards ceremony is scheduled for July 17th.

CAL recognizes multiple works published across several different genres in fiction and nonfiction. This year more than 120 members took part in the contest of published works.

Each year the group honors one member with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Joe Nigg is the winner this year. A former CAL President, Nigg’s books have garnered multiple awards and have been translated into more than twenty languages. Jeff VanderMeer, The New York Review of Science Fiction said of Joe: “Nigg has done for the world of fantastical animals what Joseph Campbell did more generally for the world of myth.”

Colorado Authors League celebrates readers. They donate books to Little Libraries and to other organizations to benefit literacy for both children and adults. In 202O, CAL members came together to assist with remote learning in creating Writing Prompts for Young Readers to spark story ideas and creative writing. To learn more about CAL visit

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