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Rise of the Green Temple

The Goddess has tasked Jericho with pursuing and capturing the entity known as the Huskweaver. Jericho must take him back to Jahenna, where it all started, and find a way to trap him. If he is unable to do so, a battle of epic proportions between the two eldritch forces may threaten to destroy his world.


Jericho is joined by his friends, both magical and human. Since he has little experience or desire in the art of battle, he counts on them and his unusual luck. He has little guidance and faces devastating losses while trying to unravel the mystery of how to contain a preternatural being.

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It’s almost been a full turn of the seasons since Jericho Brightbrook and his companions separated in hopes of finding clues that would lead to the downfall of their dreaded former master. After the companions reunite, they are compelled to travel into the heart of the desert where the elves of legend once ruled and magic flourished.


Meanwhile, the Brotherhood have not forgotten Jericho and are determined to force his return to the temple to take his rightful place. Though Jericho would rather die than accept his fate, problems continue to arise in the form of the mercurial guardian of the library, demands from the Green Lady, his emerging powers, and growing tensions with Balan.  It will take every ounce of focus Jericho has to stay one step ahead of the Brotherhood.

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Imagine a world where a blood sacrifice is required for the simplest cure. The mysterious Brotherhood has this power. Jericho Brightbrook came to the temple as a child after the death of his parents and is the most promising acolyte the Brotherhood has ever encountered. So great is his power, exceptions are made for him when his behavior doesn't align with temple ideals.


Jericho tires of seeing many lives ruined because of his gift. He begins to experiment with alternative forms of healing. Disillusioned by the temple and his failures, Jericho is forced to flee to the land north of the mountains to evade his former master.

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Prompts for Young Writers

By Colorado Authors' League.

I'm honored to have been able to contribute to this book for young writers.

The idea for Prompts for Young Writers was created as a gesture of good faith to help parents and teachers that could use more materials during these trying times. The Colorado Authors League called upon its members to submit a page or two of writing prompts to help get the creativity flowing. We hope it helps and inspires many minds.


La idea de escribir el manual de Indicaciones para escritores jóvenes nació como un gesto de due buena fe para ayudar a padres y maestros con materiales que pudieran utilizar durante esta época difícil. La Liga de Autores de Colorado hizo un llamado entre sus miembros para que contribuyeran una o dos páginas de ideas e indicaciones de escritura para ayudar a propiciar la creatividad. Esperamos que ayude e inspire a muchos niños y jóvenes.

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Gods of the Bay

Katie Russo grew up on the east end of Long Island. When she was a child, she spent most of her time outside when the land was wilder. There she received visions of things to come. As a teen, she explored the Great South Bay and its murky waters as well as Davis Park and the Atlantic Ocean. Certain events convince her to move away from the coast when she enters adulthood, but the memories of Fire Island and the Great South Bay still continue to haunt her long after she left. Ultimately, she must come to terms with her past as well as the changes in the world around her.

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