Approaching Darkness


This is an anthology of twelve short stories that isn’t for the faint of heart. Some stories contain elements of horror, some are bizarre, and some are unnerving. Join us as a little girl fends off a horror from beyond the grave using her trusty nightlight, listen in as Gods debate the future of mankind or root for twins battling against a lady made of plants.

The Egg Quest

Book One of the Demon Coast series.

ISBN: 978-1983547140


Reyden Frost leaves the sanctuary of the library to experience the world, despite the advice of Master Levik. His focus, a petrified egg, is stolen by a mysterious criminal his first night in the town of Hollow Harbor. Reyden reluctantly joins forces with a man of the law and another magic worker who was also a victim of the thief. The chase takes them across the continent of Ator, gathering new companions along the way. 


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