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Did You Miss Me?


It’s the time of year for delays that only finals week can cause. Thankfully, I’m done with those for now. I was out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday and that sort of made it harder to end the semester on a good note. But I wouldn’t have canceled my trip for the world. I was able to see old friends and family, go to a really fun wedding (those are rare, as you know), and see the old neighborhood.

In between all of this, my friends and I binge watched some various horror shows on Netflix. I claim, as a guilty pleasure, watching Ghost Adventures though I don’t watch it religiously. I think it’s fun. Any horror or ghost hunting shows that I watch also sometimes influences the short stories that are percolating in my brain, not ready to be put down on paper, but slowly forming over time. I sometimes wish I can speed up the process, but the stories are ready on their time and not mine.

In the past, my friends and I had gone to some haunted and strange locations just to see if we heard or saw anything there. This time my friends and I decided to go out to a local cemetery that always had strange vibes. We’d visited it prior, but had never taken pictures there before. This time, I brought my Oneplus 3. It’s what I like to think of as a Chinese version of a Samsung Galaxy, but it is known for its fabulous camera. Especially night photos.

I have to admit that anytime I see someone claim a picture hasn’t been tampered with, I take it with a grain of salt. So, I was very surprised when I caught something unusual on film. Just so we’re clear, it was a clear night, no one was smoking, and to my knowledge, no one was taking pictures at the same time. The first two photos I put up so you can see that my camera does take clear night photos. The last two I have no explanation for. I didn’t see anything until later when I reviewed the photos. I’m really not sure what it was. Picture three looks like a fog had rolled in. I can assure you that that was not the case. The fourth picture looks like something flying out of the cemetery. It looks too big to be a bug and these pictures were taken in November. If you have any theories, shoot me an email—I’d love to hear them.

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