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Coming soon: City of the Dreaded God

Jericho returns in the sequel to Brotherhood of Blood.

It's almost been a full turn of the seasons since Jericho Brightbrook and his companions separated in hopes of finding clues that would lead to the downfall of their dreaded former master. After the companions reunite, they are compelled to travel into the heart of the desert where the elves of legend once ruled and magic flourished.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood have not forgotten Jericho and are determined to force his return to the temple to take his rightful place. Though Jericho would rather die than accept his fate, problems continue to arise in the form of the mercurial guardian of the library, demands from the green lady, his emerging powers, and growing tensions with Balan. It will take every ounce of focus Jericho has to stay one step ahead of the Brotherhood.

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