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Come see us at MileHiCon 50 this weekend!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited back to MileHiCon for their 50th Anniversary! This time I’ll be on panels and I’m really excited. I’ve listed below the schedule of panels I’ll be on.

FRIDAY, October 19, 4 PM, Mesa Verde C:

Group Reading & Discussion: My First Sale With Lou J. Berger, myself, Shannon Lawrence, and Dean Wyant

SATURDAY October 20, 2 PM Mesa Verde B:

Blind Submission: The Live Slush Panel: With myself, T. Heermann, T. Hutheson, C. Montrose, C. Weaver, and D. Willis.

SATURDAY October 20, 7 PM Bristlecone:

Roundtable: What Do You Judge People for Loving? With myself, A.M. Burns, and V. Calisto.

SUNDAY October 21, 1 PM Mesa Verde C:

Believable Aliens: With myself, R. Friesen, P Lell, R. Lyons, and L. MaNaughton.

I’ll be around all weekend, so if you can’t make a panel, come see me on author’s row!

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