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Fuzztastic Almost Got Away!

Today I woke up earlier than I wanted to because the birds outside my window were very loud. I even asked them nicely to be quiet, but they didn’t listen. Mama Monkey wasn’t even awake yet. That was bad because I was hungry but I didn’t want bananas for breakfast. Then I had a good idea. I thought it would be fun to go out and collect berries for breakfast and surprise Mama Monkey.

I guess I must have left the door open or something because somehow Fuzztastic got out of the house without me noticing. I was outside for a long time picking berries. Mama Monkey seemed very surprised and pleased. When we finished eating, she said that today was the day that we trim the cats’ fuzz. It’s what we do close to the midsummer festival because it gets very hot around this time of year. Mama Monkey said that it makes them feel better and they have the rest of the summer to regrow it.

I looked for Fuzztastic first because he is usually the easy one to brush. Doodle tries to claw my eyes out when I brush her, so Mama Monkey ends up doing it. I was unable to find Fuzztastic, so Mama Monkey went ahead and brushed and trimmed Doodle. As she did this, I looked around the entire house. Fuzztastic had disappeared!

I tried not to alarm Mama Monkey, so I crept outside to look around. I felt relieved to see Fuzztastic sitting out on the front porch. I still don’t know how he was able to sneak out, but I'm glad that I found him. I would have gotten away with not telling Mama Monkey that Fuzztastic had gotten outside, until he ran straight for the sandbox and pooped in it. Mama Monkey knew he was outside because he won’t poop anywhere but in the box. She explained as she trimmed him that she knows he uses the box in the morning. Mama Monkey is too preoccupied with Fuzztastic’s toilet habits. And I think Fuzztastic is a strange cat because he won’t find a good place outside to go.

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