Turtle Monkey is a read to me book series for children ages 6-10. It's printed in the font in which children are taught to read and write. There's just enough pictures to hold their attention while being read to before they eventually read the books on their own prior to tackling chapter books. 

Turtle Monkey & the Big Move

ISBN: 978-1-942624-08-0

Sad about moving? Scared about going to a new school? Nervous about finding new friends? Turtle Monkey encounters all these experiences with a fresh new sense of humor. 

Turtle Monkey & the Unfriendly Mushrooms
ISBN: 978-1-942624-10-3
The book begins with a game called "Friendly Mushrooms.: However, these mushrooms are not so friendly. Read on to find out what happens to Turtle Monkey. 
A Turtle Monkey Halloween
ISBN: 978-1-942624-14-1
Halloween is Turtle Monkey's favorite day because she can wear a costume. Of course, Turtle Monkey's Halloween is full of excitement and "magic."
A Turtle Monkey Yule
ISBN: 978-1-942624-19-6
A Turtle Monkey Yule is here just in time for the Holidays. Read along as Turtle Monkey stumbles her way through the holidays as only she can do.


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