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We're growing and making changes

We have decided to combine blogs, so the separate Turtle Monkey blog is no more. However, you can now access previous posts as well as new posts here on this blog.

It's easier because I never know when Turtle Monkey has something to say. Most of the time during the summer, Turtle Monkey is very difficult to reach because she is outside all day and doesn't have to come in to do homework. It's also when I'm able to focus 100% on my writing so it works out well.

I have three works currently in production. The first of which is Gods of the Bay. It's a story that follows a woman from childhood through old age where she faces predators, monsters, and the siren call of the sea. I have parts one and two of the rough draft completed and am working on part three as I write this. It is slated for release June 2020.

I'm also working on Comfort Food for All Seasons. I have most of the recipes completed and am working on photos of the finished product to include in the book.

The last project, but not least, is the sequel to The Egg Quest. We are writing The Demon Swarm and have the outline flushed out and the first two chapters completed. The release date is yet to be determined and I will update release information as I can. Hope everyone is having a great summer, and thanks for reading!

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