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Is it a good idea to attempt large word counts when you’re ill?

I recently came down with a cold. The timing for this isn’t great because I’m attempting to do Nanowrimo this month. However, it could be worse, I could be sick Thanksgiving week. (I’m seeing family out of town and that would be much more than an inconvenience if my body had decided to betray me then instead of now.)

I contemplated taking some time off, but I don’t think I’m sick enough to do so. I guess it has to do with level of comfort and function. I’m not too sick to function, but that just means I’ll be writing fewer words for a while. Especially since I have class Monday and Wednesday nights and the week-long vacation. I still plan on writing while I’m away, though it will probably be long hand. I think I need a break from technology and would like to see if some of the old magic returns along with the visit home. To everyone working on Nanowrimo, good luck and I hope you meet your goals!

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