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I Loathe Changing the Clocks Biannually

We shouldn’t be changing our clocks twice a year. I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. As a matter of fact, several states have recently introduced legislation to abolish it. I wouldn’t care if we either adopted Daylight-Savings Time all year round, or Standard Time all year round. The loss and gain of an hour wreaks havoc with my system. It wasn’t always this way; the time change only started bothering me after I left Arizona. Aside from the drowsiness and skewed sleep schedules, there’s plenty of data out there that suggests these time changes affect health in bad ways, such as increasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, workplace accidents, and car accidents.

I didn’t grow up in Arizona, but I moved there when my daughter was small. The first time I didn’t have to “spring forward” was absolutely wonderful. The luxury of not having to change your sleeping schedule twice a year was a godsend. Ever since I left Arizona, I have grumbled and complained about the time changes. I felt helpless because I didn’t think I could do anything about it—with the exception of maybe moving back to Arizona.

Only recently have I stumbled upon a site called Lock the Clock This is a site dedicated to stopping the twice-yearly clock changes. I signed up because I feel strongly that we shouldn’t keep changing our clocks. It’s not a monumental action at all, but it’s a start.

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