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The Mystery of the Rubber Ducks

We had a blast at MileHiCon 50! The weekend went way too fast and we met a lot of great people. The panels I was on were fabulous and the other panelists made it so enjoyable. All went well, until suddenly, I spotted a lone rubber duck sitting on the side of Turtle Monkey’s left leg. I think that one showed up early Sunday morning. No one claimed him so Turtle Monkey decided he’d have to come home with us.

It wasn’t until late afternoon that I noticed the other one. It was sitting on Turtle Monkey’s other side and I had not seen anyone put anything down. I actually attempted to send the first duck off with a kiddo who was visiting our table but, the duck must have decided he wanted to stay with us. So, for our next event, Turtle Monkey will be able to bring her two friends with us.

Our next event will be at the Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show being held on November 2-4 located at the Denver Mart. 451 E. 58th Ave, Denver, CO 80216. Colorado Authors’ League is a co-sponsor and has author tables there. We’ll be in attendance from 9-1 on Saturday and 10-12 on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

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