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Uncle Titian can't smell!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The other day I discovered that Uncle Titian really can’t smell much of anything. Fuzztastic was next to us while we were outside talking. A few minutes later, I smelled something really gross. I realized Fuzztastic had left around the time the smell happened. I complained to Uncle Titian about the smell while I was holding my nose and trying to wave away the stink. It’s bad when you fart outside and someone else can smell it. Uncle Titian didn’t react at all and I thought that was odd so I asked him if he could smell anything at all. Uncle Titian told me that he had a hard time smelling things and really couldn’t tell if Fuzztastic had just ripped one or not. He said the smell would have to be really strong for him to notice it. I told him that if he couldn’t smell that, there was no way he could smell anything else. He laughed and pointed out that Fuzztastic probably left because he couldn’t stand his own stink so he was glad he couldn’t smell. I laughed really hard at that and sprayed lemonade out of my nose. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such a good sense of smell. Maybe I can create something that stops Fuzztastic’s farts from smelling so bad. I guess it’s time to get out the chemistry kit!

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